Knowing More About The Different Complicated Migraines

Complicated migraines are known to be neurological disorders due to the symptoms they manifest. People who go through this condition of migraine can experience auras which can linger for days. Many people know about migraine but what they fail to realize is that migraines can come in different forms. A complicated migraine is known to be uncommon and people who experience this can be exposed to severe migraines.

Complicated migraines which are rare occurrences, amount to less than 1 percent to the total number of people who suffer from migraine. This kind of migraine does not hit random migraine sufferers but reoccurs to the same individuals. A lot of migraines can differ in their causes and effects. Let us look at some kinds of migraine that fall under the category of complicated.

This migraine can often affect the nervous system in the body and this may cause stroke symptoms such as numbness or tingling and even paralysis which is just temporary and doesn’t last for long. Compared to other kinds of migraine, headaches may not happen in this condition which is one of the reasons why this condition is hard to detect.

If a person is suffering from migraine aura the symptoms of a regular migraine headache can be felt along with symptoms that may cause visual disturbance such as seeing zigzag patterns, blind spots and bright flashes of light. Speech problems can also occur during this period.

One common type of complicated migraine is ophthalmoplegic migraine. A person going through this will likely develop paralysis of the nerves that is related to eye movement. Weakness in the eye muscles will happen and the common effects that occur are temporary double vision, dilated pupils and drooping eyelids. A headache may or may not occur in this condition.

Basilar migraine is one type of migraine that is usually misdiagnosed. This condition is often confused with other ailments. This condition usually affects the circulation in the back of our neck and brain. This can usually happen to young women and the symptoms felt are loss of balance, dizziness, confusion, speech problems and disorientation.

One kind of complicated migraine is hemiplegic migraines and this is thought to be the most severe of all complicated migraines. In a hemiplegic headache, a person can feel a temporary loss in balance, paralysis and speech disturbance which can affect a side of the body. Symptoms like these can happen before a headache occurs and will eventually fade.

Retinal migraines also cause visual problems and this form of migraine affects only one eye during its progress. These forms of migraine can usually be a cause of alarm to a person since complicated migraines can be recurrent.

People who suffer from these conditions should immediately seek the help of a specialist, specifically a neurologist so that the triggers of these migraines can be determined.

Medications may provide relief from migraines but these are just temporary and may even result to side-effects. It is important in the end to follow a proper treatment plan so that these migraines can be well prevented from recurring.

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