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Health is an integral part of everyone’s life. With the change in the living lifestyle of people, they are more prone to disease. The era of living is being constantly changed and it is affecting the health of the people too. The workaholic schedule of people has diverted their concern to their standard of living, like people are more interested in make more money than taking care of their health. They are willing to work more so that they could buy the luxury so that they could survive in the society. But do you think is it worth it? If one is spending more money on other things rather than spending on the fruits, vegetables and other healthy items. Here the term Luxury doesn’t mean car, house etc , it means going to the restaurant every day, eating junk food in breakfast and more.

As it is rightly said “no wealth without health”. So it is important that one should be updated with almost all the news that is related to the healthcare sector. Especially with the common prone disease. Now you must me wondering as you have to Google it for all the health news. The simply answer is no because get yourself updated with Latest Health and Medicine News in India as well as around the world at one stop destination website It is the only Indian no1 website which carries news related to the health care industry in India and around the world. Drug Today Medical Times a monthly newspaper, circulated at the pan India level and is also available at the local newspaper stand.

The articles published on the website are in layman language and easily understood able. The news updated on the site is reliable and trustable. If anyone has any legal enquiry related to the health or medical sector. You can raise it on the site and it will be answerable with 7 working days. You can find news related to your city, nation , institute , pharma review, paramedical and many more that to just a click away.

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