Kirstie Allie on Dancing With the Stars

Everyone knows that Kirstie Alley, the actress best known for her roll on the popular TV show Cheers, has wrestled with weight issues for over a decade. For many, this is a big appeal to her because she seems more accessible as a person and not just as a superstar actress. For years, she has been a topic amongst celebrity health news because of her fluctuating weight gains and losses and her Jenny Craig ad campaigns. Once again, she is in the topic of the town on Celebrity Diagnosis because of her candidacy on the hit reality show, Dancing With the Stars.

In the popular reality television show, Dancing With the Stars, Kirstie has been paired with professional dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy, the “bad boy ballroom dancer” that everyone loves to hate and hates to love. He is a big part of the Dancing With the Stars family; he has featured in the DWTS Cardio Workout DVD as well as creating and starring in his own dance cardio workout video called Burn the Floor. Celebrity health news officials say that Maks is a big name in the professional dance world and is now becoming a fitness superstar for many. Kirstie is going to have her work cut out for her!

Celebrity Diagnosis claims that Kirstie’s pairing could not have been better since she has been quoted in saying that she still hopes to lose another thirty pounds before and during the show. Many think that Kirstie can do it. She has bounced between being bigger and smaller that people are claiming she should have no problem losing the weight, her problem is that she doesn’t know how to keep it off. Depression could play a huge role in this as many people that suffer from depression will know. Over eating is one of the most commonly reported side effects of depression, it is also one of the top five causes of depression as well claims celebrity health news officials. It’s a vicious cycle that many can never get out of.

Kirstie Alley has been working with many health professionals, scientists as well as other health officials to come up with the first organic weight loss diet program that is FDA organic approved. It is called Organic Liaison and features organic meal choices, all natural dietary supplements and organic weight loss products. The point is to teach people to eat healthier and know that weight loss is possible with organic products. It has been reported that on her own diet, Kirstie Alley has lost most of her weight.

Celebrity Diagnosis claims that being on the Dancing With the Stars show could be one of the best things that have happened to Kirstie. She has been out of work for awhile and by being on a show that is so highly active, it should help her lose the last thirty pounds she is hoping for and then some. Not only this, but it will help her tone up and stay in better shape even after the show. All around, a big plus for anyone!

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