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Health being the very important part of individual life, one must keep themselves updated with the up to date news on healthcare. Drug Today Medical Times was launched on July 1, 2012 with a mission to achieve the objective of “Health for All’ by creating a platform that enables healthcare professionals to pool their knowledge and their efforts to give the very best healthcare to the patients and the general populace and vision of the healthcare sector should be rid of the ills that currently plague it and this profession should regain the trust and respect of the general public by pursuit of knowledge and excellence with totally ethical conduct.

The mainstream of our viewers includes decision makers and influencers such as Hospitals’ Top Management, Heads of Department, Deans of Medical Colleges, Medical Superintendents, Policy Makers, and Heads of Regulatory Bodies and so on. It also provides medical industry news, information about latest medical developments, upcoming medical conferences and CMEs (continuing medical education), clinical advances, medical research updates, interviews of higher-ranking medical professionals, and features on related issues, profession opportunities etc linked to the wellbeing of India’s medical professionals. The articles published are high quality medical articles, written by the experts. The focus on the article is on the following topics namely medical research, development, medicine, medical tourism etc.

At Drug Today Medical Times newspaper you can find most of the breaking news & health news on medicine, diet, babies, pregnancy, fitness, nutrition, health care, mental health, drugs, cancer, AIDS, allergies & asthma. Health News from India and around the world, with in-depth features on well-being and lifestyle and plus press release from major medical organizations. Medical and health news headlines are posted all over the day and every day so that the latest news can be on tips.

The attempt is to help medical professionals keep themselves updated with the latest realistic in order and help to progress their practice. It’s for these reasons that Drug Today Medical Times has a long way to go in the Indian medical industry.

Drug Today Medical Times is the only India’s most comprehensive news gateway solely for medical professionals and as well as for the general audience too. Most eminent doctors in the country have reviewed their ranking to the paper as no 1 medical and health newspaper. It has more than 1,00,000 subscriber and in plus readership profile and its till including as the number is increasing on a each day.As the Newspaper is been published from India it contains Top health and medicine news and Latest India news on medical fraternity.

Dr Neesha Sharma is a writer and have a vast knowledge about health and hospital sector. She have more than 10 year experience in medical sector. For more info you can visit here:- India’s no 1 medical newspaper and Health and Medical Jobs at Drug Today Medical Times of India

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