Aaian Flu Causes and Treatments

Avian flu is an infection caused by a certain kind of influenza virus. Although there are many kinds of avian flu, the kind that now concerns health workers is the H5N1 avian flu virus. This virus is found in wild birds.Find an air purifier with documented proof that it does kill germs and viruses in the air and on surfaces.
Pandemic Flu, means an outbreak of a flu strain that has reached different countries that have no geographical connection. The virus moves easily between birds, and sometimes it has obviously passed to humans, but at this stage it does not appear to have the ability to transfer from Human to Human, but that is not to say that sometime in the future the virus could not mutate, so that it can transfer easily.

Vaccines are currently being produced, but they can take months to develop and then of course they have to be manufactured in millions to cope with any situation that might arise.Moreover, it is unlikely for the disease to be transmitted from one human to another. Be that as it may, the main concern in scientific circles is the mutation of the virus.Pandemics occur when existing flu strains mutate and make their way from birds or swine to humans in a new strain for which humans have little no immunity.

Avian flu can be prevented by careful handling of birds. Avoid their droppings and saliva. You cannot get avian flu from eating well cooked poultry, as the heat kills the virus.Wash hands thoroughly after handling birds. Get an air purifier that will kill germs and bacteria on surfaces. People confuse air filters with an air purifier, an air filter does not disinfect surfaces.


All avian influenza (AI) viruses are type A influenza virus in the virus family of Orthomyxoviridae and all known strains of influenza A virus infect birds.
Avian influenza (also known as bird flu, avian flu, influenzavirus A flu, type A flu, or genus A flu) is a flu due to a type of influenza virus that is hosted by birds, but may infect several species of mammals.Two forms of bird flu exist among domesticated poultries infected with avian influenza viruses. The low pathogenic form is almost invisible and undetected for it causes only very mild symptoms that can be mistaken as non-avian flu effects.

Mankind wants to blame anything but themselves for their problems. Bacteria and germs became the scapegoat. Now we could do anything we wanted. Mankind was in a war with creatures they could not see.An even higher cause of alarm has been found in recent studies on the H5N1 virus. Recent researches have shown that H5N1 strains have become more deadly among chickens and mice.

This mutation is also found to be making cats or feline susceptible to the infection. H5N1 is also found to be resistant to some of the drugs used to treat flu (such as amantadine). New strains of the virus are also said to be possibly emerging especially in Asian countries.This medicine Tamiflu is advertised as a medicine to cure influenza. Tamiflu is the only medicine that attacks the source of the viral infection and prevents the flu from spreading throughout the body.

Avian flu is an infection caused by a certain kind of influenza virus. Although there are many kinds of avian flu, the kind that now concerns health workers is the H5N1 avian flu virus.Tamiflu is an anti viral drug which will serve as the frontline of defense, should there ever be an avian influenza pandemic.
There is no reliable vaccine for the H5N1 virus yet, so until one becomes available, tamiflu will be used to stem the symptoms and spread of avian influenza.


Health organizations all over the world continuously monitor human cases of avian flu outbreaks although no actual man to man transmission of the disease has been registered.If the virus does mutate (they often do), there are many other ways it can develop which don’t necessarily involve human-to-human contagion.

Masks in fact could enhance the spread of flu, because when a mask becomes damp through breathing, it loses nearly all of it efficiency in protecting the wearer from inhaling the germs. While some scientists have long argued the Spanish flu had nothing to do with birds, many others suspected that it was an avian flu virus, which had somehow mutated and “jumped” from birds to humans.

The avian flu virus is rapidly becoming a matter of concern because of its mutational capability. Once started, it’s nearly impossible to control the fatal effects of the virus. Antiviral medications such as Tamiflu, Relenza, Amantadine and Rimantadineare available for the treatment and prevention of human flu viruses but there effectuality for the current type of avian flu is still doubtful.

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