9 Easy Tips To Eliminate Stress Instantly

You might have been reading and learning about the negative effects of stress on your productivity, weight, mindset, personal life, and on every other thing. But have you ever thought about where stress comes from? Stress is a result of not only your personal problems but according to a research study conducted at St. Louis University, just observing a wound-up and stressed person at work can also make you stressed. Empathy is draining, says Dilip Jeste, the Managing Director of Stein Institute of Research on Aging at the University Of San Diego, California.

Here are 9 ways to eliminate stress instantly.


According to Massachusetts General Hospital, meditation can help you rebuild the grey matter within just eight weeks. Sara Lazar, the instructor at Harvard Medical School of Psychology and MGH Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Program claims that meditation comes with cognitive and psychological benefits and restructuring of grey matter increases the relaxation time among stress victims.

Breathe Deeply

The Family Health Guide published in Harvard Health Publications reveals that deep breathing helps improve the response of human body to stress. Make sure that you take deep breaths in the correct way. The right way to breathe is to inhale air while swelling your chest (and not stomach) and then exhale air allowing the chest to relax.

Be Aware

Take care of the people around you. Focus on their behaviors and responses and try to keep yourself away from people with negative energies and negative thoughts. Focus on positive energies like enjoying every bite of your pizza and smiling at dancing flowers in the morning.

Hit The Bed By 11

The relationship between sleep and stress have long been established and backed by scientific researches including a research study published by the University of Pennsylvania. Stress induced by deprivation of sleep is something you can easily escape. Make sure to be in bed by 11 PM to get up early in the morning. Ideally, 8 hours of sleep is sufficient to fight back stress.

Skip Coffee & Replace It With Tea

Coffee increases the activity of adrenaline and makes you hyperactive, thus stressing you out. Almost 85{5ae3c9c40e7cc52fe46b78927564eb0970e66566616986fb38c2b45303b5b8b5} of the Americans sip coffee every morning. No wonder depression is one of the fastest growing psychological problems in the US. Skip coffee and replace it with metabolism-friendly tea like Green Tea, Ginger Tea and Fruit Tea.

Have A Healthy Sex Life

Sex helps improve concentration and focus and helps release anxiety and stress. According to a study conducted on rats, daily sex for two weeks improved cell growth in the hippocampus. It is the part of brain that helps combat stress and anxiety and keeps them under control. Oxytocin, the love hormone, is also released during intercourse which brings relaxation. Scientists also believe that converting psychological energy into physical energy and releasing the physical energy is a kind of meditation in itself.

Laugh Out Loud

Unfortunately, we forget laughing out loud as we grow up. Laughing your heart out reduces stress hormones and ultimately keeps you relaxed and controlled, as revealed by a study published in 2008. Child-like laugh is all you need to rise and shine.

Crank Up The Tunes

Music has always been linked with stress. Even sad music is like a warm shoulder to cry upon. But science has revealed that tunes like soft jazz and opera to help you release stress.

Be Grateful

Again, avoid negative energies and start living a positive life. Be grateful to nature, to yourself and everyone around you. Small gestures like saying “Thanks” for the help, and opening the door for an old lady bring positive changes in your life.

With these easy tips that require nothing but few changes in your lifestyle, you can combat stress without even requiring anti-stress pills. Smile in the mirror, praise people around you, make crazy faces and sleep well to live the most of every moment.


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