Safe Ayurvedic Cure To Treat Skin Problems At Home

Whitehead, blackhead and pus filled eruptions are found in teenagers, as it is the age when one gets superfluous endocrine function. The condition may subside itself in a year or two, or the problem of pimples continues till 30’s. Basically, skin is a sensitive body organ and is exposed to a variety of internal and environmental harms. To treat skin problems at home remedies to eliminate toxic chemicals from body organs should be taken because toxicity in internal body organs can cause infections from the deeper skin layers and the problem of exposure to environmental hazards, extreme cold, dryness and dirt can create pH imbalance and dullness externally. Some people get almost stubborn eruptions in mid twenties when even after trying the entire recommended measures one may not get relief from it.

There are many skin conditions, where the skin cannot be exposed to harsh radiation of sun and at the same time, sunlight is required to get vitamin D and for the skin to appear shiny. Some of us have both oily and dry skin on face, which makes it difficult for us to choose a specific skin care product to suit the skin’s type. In such conditions, taking any specific skin type product can have reverse impact on the skin causing triggers and eruptions. Ayurvedic cure to treat skin problems, Golden Glow capsule and Chandra Prabha Ubtan offer safe ways for mixed skin types and varying requirements.

Ayurvedic cure to treat skin problems contains herbs e.g. Curcuma longa, Exadirecta indica, Ocimum sanctum, which are normally used to treat skin problems at home. The extracts of herb Curcuma longa works as antiseptic on skin and when applied regularly gets rid of dryness and dullness even in aging skin conditions. Studies have confirmed its chemo protective effects. It is rich in antioxidants that can prevent oxidative stress and stimulate the production of cyto protective enzymes which can resolve the issues of hazardous oxidation on skin layers.

The herb can inhibit the growth of parasites, fungi and bacteria in human body to treat skin problems at home. The study on the herb confirmed it has essential oils, which can inhibit the growth of MRSA – methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Helicobacter pylori, E. faecalis, and Staphylococcus aureus – the protein which can invade body tissues. Researchers have claimed that it contains components that work as antimutagen on skin.

It has components which can inhibit the replication of Hepatitis virus (B and C) and works as antifungal agents to control yeast, molds, dermatophytes and species of candida. It has wound healing capability and studies have found that the component curcumin enhances neovasculogenesis – the method helps to repair and regenerate wounds, a vital process for wound healing, which makes it effective to treat skin problems at home.

The component curcumin in the herb can be taken as adjunctive therapy for maintaining the remission in stomach ulcers. This helps it to heal against internal ulcers. Ayurvedic cure to treat skin problems contains various other herbs which have phyto chemicals that can protect metabolic function, internal organs and skin from damage, infections and dullness.

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