In An Emotional Affair Recovery Process – Your Spouse Must Stop These Three Behavioral Traits

One cannot deny the importance of your cheating spouse stopping their affair, when it comes to physical or emotional affair recovery. The rest of this article is going to focus on you and your spouse recovering from emotional affairs. For your spouse’s emotional affair to come to an end, your spouse needs to cut ties with the paramour, and at the same time, let go of the next three points listed.

1) Contact With The Other Person Supersedes Your Spouse’s Contact With You

The affair your spouse is having may not be sexual. The possibility that it will get to that level eventually should not be ruled out though. It is a painful experience not being first preference when it comes to your spouse having discussions, sharing happenings and issues etc. It is an open wound in your marriage that must be attended to, which we will talk about, a little further in the article.

2) Spending More Time On The Other Individual In Secrecy

Your spouse is not going to make it obvious that he/she is spending time and putting some effort into this emotional connection, which they may use the term “friendship” as a cover. They (your husband/wife) understand the repercussions of bringing this emotional affair out in the open. You may have heard your spouse talk about the other person in an innocent manner, but later quit speaking to you about them completely. Values such as transparency in your marriage, have now been thrown out the window. Things like greater honesty and transparency must be incorporated, if there is to be emotional affair recovery.

3) Overly Protective of the Other Individual To The Detriment Of Your Marriage

Putting a damper on your emotional affair recovery efforts, is when your spouse starts being overly defensive of this other friend of the opposite sex, putting them on a pedestal, and making you second class. By whichever means you found out about it, your spouse is likely to turn the guns on you, by accusing you of interfering with their personal belongings, or that you don’t trust him/her. As weird as it may seem, your spouse is looking for ways to advance their emotional affair by messing up their relationship with you. Not a smart thing for them to do.

Clearing The Bumps To Emotional Affair Recovery

A good marriage requires positive communication between you and your spouse regularly. This refers to both verbal and non-verbal communication. This is a major factor when it comes to recovering from that emotional affair.

The level of transparency in the marriage needs to be greatly increased from now on. Friendships usually aren’t the problem, but the level of interaction with this individual of the opposite sex is where the problem lies. You and your spouse need to define clearly where the line lies, and what level of interaction will be crossing that line. Not going about these discussions in the right format, is sure to create further confusion in your marriage. This wouldn’t be good for any kids that you and your spouse have together.

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