Food Conveyor Belt

Food Conveyor Belt

Food Conveyor Belt is very useful instrument in Food Processing industry. Almost all type of Food Processing industry using different type of Conveyor Belt as per their different application. Other industry such as Cement, Rubber & Tyre , Automobiles, food and beverage are also using this type of Conveyor Belt.


We are perfect solution provider for your food-grade conveyor belt system. We are manufacturer of Custom made Food Conveyor Belt with customer drawing and specification. Our Belts are best suitable for food processing applications including special profiles for material handling, product handling, belts that are lubricant and oil resistant, and non-stick cut-and-gouge resistant FDA/USDA belts.

Omtech carry a wide variety of Conveyor plant System running the hundreds of plant, factories and different manufacturing companies at across the India. Bangalore, Rajkot, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Hyderabad are the most preferred cities for this kind of Food Conveyor Belt need. Defiantly you will find our organization one of the extreme knowledgeable & technocrats with more than 25 years of experience in conveyor belt manufacturing.

We are one of the top organization in Rajkot City of Gujarat that provide solution for Conveying Solution. Omtech believe in deliver exceptional High quality Belt System associated with Food Conveyor Belt . Our Elevator Conveyor Belt can be exported to any part of world for performance checking.
In this plant we have developed almost all type of special belts to suite according to the want of basically all type of Industries. We believe that the client is our Instructor – we never hesitate in learning from our mistake or acknowledging need for further perfections and this is the only factor by which company earns its strength. Regarding the demand and understanding the troubles of importing special Food Conveyor System for replacement purpose, the company also took up the activity of Mfg. plant at India.

Call us today to review your needs for Food Grade Conveyor Belting Systems.

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