Flu Vaccines Are Not A Reliable Answer For Prevention

How would you like to hear some objective, and less commercialized, information on whether, or not, you should get a flu shot? How will getting a flu shot help keep you protected, or not protected, from getting the flu in the next upcoming flu season?

Getting a flu shot in the U.S. Has never been easier. More than 130 million injectable doses, and 4.5 million nasal mist doses are available for this years upcoming flu season. In fact, the number of available doses seems to be growing each consecutive year, encouraging even relatively healthy individuals to take advantage of flu virus protection.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims, by certain reports, that an estimated 36,000 deaths a year are contributed by the flu. Although this yearly estimate figure seems rather high, consider that this figure covers mostly complications due to having the flu, like pneumonia. In all actuality, only around 1250 deaths a year, or less, is actually caused from the flu.

There are many reasons a person can get pneumonia, the flu is only one of several ways of developing it. So the scare tactics that are used to encourage flu vaccinations is way over hyped. You can learn more by going to the ‘Health Ranger’, Mike Adam’s newstarget web site.

Despite the scare strategies that are being used to get people to get a flu shot, only 1 in 4 babies actually get them, and many adults do not buy into the flu shot hype either. Why, then, don’t more adults take advantage of an easy opportunity to get a flu virus protection for themselves, or their children, if the vaccine supposedly boasts of an effective success rate as high as 70 to 80 percent?

It seems the number one reason, why many people do not get a flu shot, is really rather simple. Most Americans do not trust the flu vaccine. They believe it does not really work, and they also believe it can cause one to get the flu.

The flu is something you should take rather seriously, though, as it is very contagious, and easily spread by touching objects and breathing in of moist microscopic droplets. The flu, and complications from having the flu, can most definitely be a killer to those with weakened immune systems.

But, does that imply that you should let scare tactics that the CDC and other health care organizations use to influence you, in seeing only one option as the only answer to this problem?

Absolutely not!

The flu vaccine in any form, whether it be nasal mist or injectable, can be considered basically worthless and should, in my opinion and that of many others, be avoided. I have never taken a flu shot personally, and I made that decision based on the knowledge that I did not like what can be in the vaccine itself. The flu vaccine, along with other immunization vaccinations can be loaded with toxic metals such as mercury and aluminum that are used as preservatives. These neurotoxic heavy metals are also known to be dangerous central nervous system poisons.

Many individuals with impaired immune systems do come down with the flu shortly after getting a flu injection. That is because a live virus is used in the vaccine. This live virus can weaken an individual’s, already, compromised immune system resistance even further. Does it make good sense to you that a person with a current health challenge, or even a healthy adult or child, should have their immune system resistance purposely lowered, or lowered even further if they are already health challenged?

I think I would rather take my chances on getting the flu, and allow myself sufficient rest and recovery time, than risk my central nervous system to being permanently damaged by toxic metal preservatives.

So, what can a person do to build up their immune system resistance, naturally, to avoid getting the flu and protect yourself? Taking a natural approach is not that hard to do if you know a few things.

Here are six different ways, and there are many more than these, that you can use to help protect yourself this flu season, and in all future flu epidemics.

1.Avoid processed sugar. Refined sugar will weaken your immune system almost immediately after you eat it.
2.Allow yourself plenty of rest , whether it is flu season or not.
3.Get extra vitamin D (sun exposure is best) or use sun lamps, or vitamin D supplements. Cod liver oil capsules can be used in winter months and you will be getting your vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids at the same time.
4.Manage your stress levels with exercise, meditation, and spiritual pursuits.
5.Regularly consume good bacteria nutrition (probiotics) in fermented foods and beverages.
6.Make a conscious effort to increase your daily fluid intake with more pure water.

Remember this important fact, there is only circumstantial evidence, at best, that supports the notion that getting a flu shot will help prevent you from getting the flu. God has really given us such wonderful bodies. If we make an honest attempt to eat less junk foods, replacing junk foods with more natural, whole, unprocessed fruits, vegetables, juicing, and using the six helpful tips mentioned above, you really will boost your immune system resistance to the flu, or any other contagious bacterial illness.

You really can, easily, make a difference in protecting yourself against getting a contagious illness this natural approach way. Once you have proven it to yourself, that it can be done this way, you will have more confidence to live this way on a more consistent basis. This approach also strengthens and boosts your overall good health status, naturally.

Buy less into the hype that big modern day medicine tells you, and question their empty solutions more often. Trust your inborn common sense more, in asking yourself, which of these two models really makes more sense in the long term, without unnatural interventions?

Brenda Skidmore has spent the last four plus years actively researching natural health care alternatives. It is her sincere desire to empower others by sharing this important information. To improve your health today visit

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