Do Not Let Visual Migraines Rule Your Life

Sudden constriction and dilation of the blood vessels in the head is pointed to be the cause of migraine. This condition is accompanied by a very painful headache, nausea and vomiting. A lot of different types of migraine are presently known like visual migraines. A visual migraine is a common dilemma, while this can also be the cause of the exact symptoms of a typical migraine. Let’s know more about this kind of condition.

Visual migraines can usually start with a temporary visual disturbance that may affect a person’s peripheral vision. This disturbance will often last within fifteen or twenty minutes and may immediately subside. Headaches may not happen in this kind of condition, but the usual complaint of people who experience this condition is sudden fatigue.

Symptoms of an ocular migraine may include blind spots, seeing rainbow spectrums, flashes of light and temporary loss in vision. This form of migraine can often affect women as compared to men and it can also be acquired hereditarily. The symptoms felt during an ocular migraine may range from mild to intense.

A possible visual migraine symptom is when a person experiences a sudden visual distortion which will start in the central part of the person’s vision and this will start spreading to either side of the eye. This condition can also cause a sudden but short loss in vision which usually lasts for a few minutes. This migraine can also be accompanied by speech problems and tingling sensations in the body.

This kind of migraine is often considered to be harmless. Optical migraines can happen without any painful symptoms such as a headache. Optical migraines cannot cause any damaging effects to the brain or the eyes, although medical attention should immediately be done to assess the problem and dismiss cases that may share the same symptoms but is not be related to migraines.

The visual symptoms that accompany this type of migraine are not directly related to the eyes. These symptoms happen because of the migraine activity in the cortex of the brain which can be found in the back of the skull.

The vision of a person will not be significantly affected during a visual migraine attack, but this condition can be a bother to a person’s day to day activities. Seeing things in a blurry grey vision is one symptom of visual migraine that can hamper a person’s routine. This can be tough when performing tasks like reading or driving a car.

Optical migraines can also be known as eye migraine, eyestrain and visual migraines. When a headache is felt during a case of optical migraine, this may have happened because of external factors wholly different from migraine like sinus problems, allergies, stress and tension. Facing the TV or computer for long periods of time can also be possible triggers for an optical migraine.

Visual migraines do not require treatment, but if the symptoms of this may happen regularly then medication is needed to reduce the frequency of the attacks. Be conscious in your eating habits, since certain food and drinks can cause visual migraines.

Pain relievers and prescription medicines can help in preventing visual migraines. Self-care measures and avoiding the triggers and causes of this migraine can also help. Taking care of your body can be the best way in preventing visual migraines from happening.

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