Body Fitness Program

Body fitness is one of the most important essentials of our life. Someone has truly said that health is wealth. We can give our best only when we are at our best. A healthy body leads to healthy mind and soul. Before deciding workout your exercises you must keep in mind the aim of your workout, and result you want from your exercises. If you are striving for gaining weight then you must focus on some hard strength training and endurance training exercises. If you want to keep your body in shape then you must focus on normal light weight exercises. If you wish to go for weight loss, then you must concentrate on cardio exercises along with floor exercises.

We have following programs at our fitness center:

1. Group Fit: – Group fitness training is designed to prepare your body for better fitness by focusing on multiple fitness activities. Group fitness makes your body habitual for every exercise so that whenever you do a physical activity or play some sport then the body easily adjusts itself according to the need without any adverse affect. Other benefit of group fit is that it makes the workout interesting and enjoyable.

2. Group fit Basics: – To get the maximum out of the group fit classes it is important to know that how to perform the exercises. Group fit basics classes give you some important techniques and methods that tell you how to perform the movements and achieve optimum strength.

3. Core fit: – Core fits helps you to improve overall strength of the body. It affects mainly on the core parts of the body that is Gluteus, Hips, Abdominals and Spine. Increase in core strength gives you a better posture, improved Balance, strong torso and the power to do physical activities.

4. Fight Fit: – Fight fit exercise will focus more on your technical strength rather than the muscle strength. The class will include some boxing sessions that will be a combination of three moves that is hooks (“side” punches), jabs (straight forward punches) and up-cuts (punches going upwards). It’s up to your trainer that how he coordinates these moves. Fight Fit is great for weight loss, increased agility and coordination, muscle tone and greater fitness.

5. Dance Fit: – Dance fit includes activities that are done by high professional dancers to make their body well toned and to deliver high intensity full body cardio workout. Dance fit activities are mainly done to increase body stamina and flexibility.

6. Boot Camp: – Boot camp is a highly intense cardio exercise that not only makes your body in shape but also increases your mental ability so that you get prepared for each and every hurdle of physical activity. It is a supportive class and great for getting results fast.

7. Stretch Out: – Stretch out is mainly designed to increase your range of motions through your joints. The muscles which are overused during the exercise are equally balanced by the stretch out activities. Stretch out class combines Pilates, Yoga, Dance and breathing techniques to increase your overall flexibility, health and fitness.

8. Personal Training: – Personal fitness training helps you to identify your aim which sometimes we are not able to figure out and it leads to bad effects. The most important rule of workout is that we have to perform all exercises in a proper manner and for that we need a trainer that can guide us in each exercise. He makes us identify whether what is the requirement of our body and gives us exercise accordingly. The main benefit of personal training is that we get all the attention and eliminate our weaknesses.

The author is a personal fitness trainer in a gym. He is writing for personal fitness training and group fitness classes programs from few years. Read some important information about body fitness program that should be helpful to achieve the fitness goal.

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