12 Natural Ways To Provide Quick Relief To Your Colds

Watery eyes, flooded nose, nasal congestion, fever, chills, aches, sore throat, and cough – all these are the symptoms of cold. Biologically, the cold is a living virus, with more than 200 species. Rhinovirus causes 10{5ae3c9c40e7cc52fe46b78927564eb0970e66566616986fb38c2b45303b5b8b5} to 40{5ae3c9c40e7cc52fe46b78927564eb0970e66566616986fb38c2b45303b5b8b5} of the common-most cold cases. You may catch the cold by coming in direct or indirect contact with an infected person. The virus becomes stronger to attack a tired or exhausted person or someone undergoing emotional distress.

Here are 12 natural remedies to provide instant relief to your colds and reduce their physical effects.

1.    Know When Not to Treat Symptoms

Cough, cold and other related minor diseases are considered among productive physical problems. During a fever, our body strive to balance their temperature according to the external environment. A cold is a symptom of the immune system fighting against the cold virus. During a cough, the mucous in the respiratory tract is cleared. This mucous may carry germs to the lungs. So through coughing, the body tries to protect itself from harm.

2.    Blow Your Nose Often And The Right Way

Sniffling mucous back into the respiratory tract may move it into the ears, causing earache. It is highly vital to blow your nose often and the right way. The correct way of blowing your nose is to press the other side of the nostril into the nose tissue with a finger and blow the other nostril with minor to medium pressure.

3.    Be A Couch Potato

Many people take anti-influenza and antibiotics to continue their regular chores. Listen to your body and avoid going to the gym or spending the whole day working.

4.    Stay Warm And Rested

Rest is one of the best ways to allow your body to treat itself. Keep yourself warm and stay under a blanket while watching your favorite show on Netflix.

5.    Gargle

Ear, nose, and throat are interwoven naturally. The ‘deserted throat’ makes a common link with flu and colds. Gargling with warm water and a pinch of salt can help you moisturize your dry throat and improve elasticity in the throat and ear tissues to reduce stretching and pain. It is recommended to gargle at least 4 times a day.

6.    Drink Hot Liquid

Hot liquid like warm milk with honey, green tea, and even hot chocolate have a very soothing effect on stretched tissues of throat and ears.

7.    Take A Steamy Shower

Water vapors enter your nasal section and help clear mucous while improving elasticity of the throat tissues. If you are unable to take a steamy shower due to a full nose, sit closer to the steamy shower and take a sponge bath.

8.    Cream Under The Nose

Numerous mentholated creams are available in the market. When you apply these creams close to the nose, the vapors are absorbed during breathing which open up congested nose and provide instant relief. The best part to apply mentholated cream is just under the nose.

9.    Apply Hot/Cold Packs

Reusable hot or cold packs have an equal effect on cold. These packs can be purchased from any nearby chemist. Hot packs are more bearable. For making hot packs, heat the flannel in microwave for 1 minute. For cold packs, put the flannel in freezer for 5 to 15 minutes. The colder it is, the better it treats.

10.                    Sleep With An Extra Pillow

A gradual slope will help you resist nasal congestion for a long time. Just an extra pillow along with your regular pillow will do the job.

11.                    Do Not Fly Unless Necessary

The air pressure increases when you are at a height of 650 feet and above. Try to avoid flying if it is not necessary. If it is very important to fly, keep chewing a chewing gum and keep drinking water to moisturize your throat.

12.                    Infection-Fighting Foods

Foods rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and anti-oxidants can help you fight flu and colds efficiently. Bananas improve the immune system and soothe disturbed stomachs. Rice is also good for diarrhea. Mustard and horseradish are efficient in breaking mucous clots in respiratory tracts. Teas like black and green tea and all herbal teas are highly rich in antioxidants. Chili peppers are good to treat sinus. Blueberries are natural source of aspirin and help reduce body pain. Blueberries may also help fight fever.

With all these remedies, you can instantly reduce the physical effects of cold and flu and prepare your body to fight the disease.

One bonus tip is to apply mentholated cream under your feet and cover the feet with socks before sleeping.

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